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Specialized Treatment for Anxiety in Edmonton

Do worries and fears control much of your day-to-day life? Turn to the registered psychologists at Gary J. Meiers, Ph.D., Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers, Ph.D. and Associates Ltd. We are experienced in counselling for disorders concerning phobias and anxiety as Edmonton individual and family therapists. If an unknown event, medical factor or stress has left you feeling vulnerable or worried, seeking counselling is the first step in resolving the frightening symptoms of generalized anxiety or anxiety attacks, including:

  • Feeling overwhelmed by fear or sense of danger
  • Fear of being out of control
  • Feeling like you need to escape
  • Detachment from surrounding reality
  • Overwhelming sense of doom or helplessness
  • Shortness of breath and trembling
  • Heart palpitations and chest pressure
  • Feeling distressed, panicked and confused
  • Inability to calm down
  • Sweating or hot and cold flashes
  • Numbness and tingling sensations

Help for Breaking the Power of Your Phobias
Do you have a strong but irrational fear of something that doesn’t pose a grave or real danger? Your phobia is a type of anxiety disorder that occupies your thoughts, has many of the symptoms of anxiety, and limits your activities. Though a phobia might come from an understandable reason, such as feeling nervous about going to the dentist, phobic anxiety keeps you from experiences you want to try or goals you want to accomplish. With a true phobia, you know your fear is unreasonable, but you cannot control your reaction. Some of the most common phobias that affect people’s social and personal lives are:

  • Agoraphobia: fear of open spaces, being away from home, or having no security or support
  • Claustrophobia: fear of confinement or entrapment and/or being in close or tight spaces
  • Social phobia: fear of being in crowds of people
  • Glossophobia: fear of public speaking
  • Hypochondria: fear of becoming ill
  • Driving phobia: fear of driving a car 
  • Aerophobia: fear of flying


Avoiding situations that make you panic takes a lot of hard work, but you can work instead on understanding and managing your fears. Counselling for phobias is very similar to therapy for anxiety disorders and can help you face your fears and break their power over your life.

Skilled Counsellors for Anxiety Disorders in Edmonton
Skilled in treating patients of all ages with phobias and anxiety in Edmonton, we frequently work with adults but also with children, adolescents and their parents since many anxiety disorders and phobias begin at a young age.

Gary J. Meiers and Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers have both practiced in the field of counselling psychology for over 40 years. They are skilled in a variety of treatments including eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), Gestalt therapy and expressive art techniques. Desensitization (exposure therapy) and cognitive behavior therapy (alternative views and actions) are also effective strategies for coping with both phobias and anxiety. We begin with a confidential and comprehensive assessment so we can determine the best individual approach to help you move forward.


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Our team is specialized in helping you with traumatic stress disorder, depression, panic attacks and more. Learn more about who we are and how we can benefit you. If you need to consult a psychiatrist for anxiety counselling in Edmonton, reach out to our specialists. Gary J. Meiers, Ph.D., Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers, Ph.D. and Associates Ltd. are is pleased to offer day, evening and weekend appointments. Schedule your consultation with us today.

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Read about our experienced, registered psychologists and what they have to offer.

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