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Professional Marriage Counselling in Edmonton

Marriage and family life are fundamental and far-reaching facets of the human experience. Within these environments, we learn about social constructs and guidelines for interacting with others. While family life can bring about some of the most peaceful and happy experiences, it can be tumultuous and frustrating when there is discord, however minor it may seem.

If you're coping with the anxiety of a home in upheaval, consider Gary J. Meiers, Ph.D., Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers, Ph.D. and Associates Ltd. for family and marriage counselling in Edmonton. We understand you may be embarrassed or hesitant to discuss these matters with your friends and family, let alone a counsellor that you don't know. You'll actually benefit, however, from a third party who has no personal ties to your relationship and is professionally trained to help with these matters is where we come in. 

Benefits of Couples Counselling  

Relationships require a lot of hard work, and if ample efforts are not made, a number of factors and changing dynamics can strain the relationship. Marriage therapy or couples counselling is a form of psychotherapy applicable to both married partners as well as those who are not married. Marriage counselling can help you with: 

  • Stronger conflict resolution 
  • Stronger communication skills
  • Deeper and closer connections
  • Feeling loved and falling in love again
  • Increased physical intimacy
  • Increased emotional intimacy
  • Creating a long-lasting partnership  
  • Solidifying the family as a unit
  • Disconnecting you from your past 
  • Creating a future together
  • Reducing the chance of problems becoming worse
  • Long-distance and work-away separations
  • Parenting and blended family situations
  • Creating or Regaining trust 

At Gary J. Meiers, Ph.D., Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers, Ph.D. and Associates Ltd., whether you're just a few years or a few decades into marriage, we can work with your situation to resolve family disputes. Even if you're not sure if couples therapy is right for you, don't automatically reject the benefits of family and marriage counselling in Edmonton. Families can seek help and solace through talking with professional counsellors who understand the intricacies of personal relationships. We can assure you that you as a couple will be glad to have chosen couples counselling after the first session. We even provide the option of online counselling to the residents of Alberta.


Reasons for Marriage Counselling

 Marriage involves open communication, respect and commitment between the partners. However, sometimes couples may find themselves arguing and resenting each other more often without really understanding what is happening. You’re not going to agree on everything, and juggling busy jobs and/or your children may cause you to spend less time together as a couple. This could lead to a breakdown of communication and the development of other bad habits that put a strain on your marriage.  
Couples often attend marriage therapy to address the following topics: 

  • Intimacy issues
  • Parenting disputes
  • Financial difficulties
  • Conflict management
  • Lack of communication
  • Post-partum depression
  • Talks of separation or divorce

Our counselling isn’t limited to these areas. We can discuss any circumstance that is affecting your marriage. Our assessment will assist in gathering information, looking for general patterns and themes, and defining intentions and plans that will help you create a solid and satisfying relationship. 


What to Expect in Marriage Therapy?

When you come to us for marriage counselling in Edmonton, we'll sit down and talk about any problems in your relationship, what you hope to gain out of counselling, and how you can achieve these goals together. We maintain a safe, confidential environment and encourage open, respectful communication. Your counsellor will be unbiased and help guide the discussion. We strive to give you and your partner a closer connection and the tools needed to face future difficulties as a united front.


What Does Couples Therapy Entail? 

The counsellors at Gary J. Meiers, Ph.D., Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers, Ph.D. and Associates Ltd. understand each family's varied circumstances. You might be a traditional family, a single parent, a grandparent, a foster parent or a blended family. Additionally, your family might face emotional disorder, mental illness, substance abuse, financial problems or parental conflict. We can offer help in all of these areas. 


When Should Family Therapy Take Place?

Because of the diversity in family life, there's no clear sign that it's time for counselling. Some people come in after minor disputes, while others endure years of arguments before seeking help. However, constant or recurring feelings of sadness, anger or stress indicate a larger issue that would benefit from professional help.
Therapy can teach you more about communication and conflict resolution, so you can cope with difficult issues and find suitable repairs and compromises. The counsellors at Gary J. Meiers, Ph.D., Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers, Ph.D. and Associates Ltd. will also help you learn how to handle tough feelings and maintain control during emotionally stressful situations. Through persistent work, you can find tools that offer long-term resolutions to strengthen family ties and reduce stress. 


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