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What Are the Benefits and Effectiveness of EMDR Therapy?


Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy (EMDR) is an effective anxiety therapy for removing the effects of trauma. It is an eight-stage process that targets the past, present, and future of the patients along with the negative experiences in their lives. If you are looking to attend an EMDR therapy session, Gary J. Meiers, Ph.D., Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers, Ph.D. and Associates can help you out.

We have been in practice since 1991. Our team of psychologists focuses on individuals who have had traumatic experiences that are currently impacting their day-to-day life. We treat a variety of problems, including depression.

Benefits of EMDR Therapy

We have mentioned below a few ways that EMDR therapy can help you:

  • Transform beliefs A lot of people subconsciously hold self-limiting beliefs that are based on traumatic experiences from their past. For example, a rejection that led the patient to feel their presence is a pain to those around them. Beliefs like this can be traced back to traumas that happened in childhood or difficult breakups in later years. EMDR therapy can remove the limitations of negative beliefs, telling you that they are just interpretations of events and install positive interpretations expanding your life.

  • Recover from trauma We recommend EMDR therapy for patients suffering from anxiety disorders, as it is very effective in processing all kinds of trauma. It can be used for engaging both sides of the brain to reprocess distressing memories. It can help with anxiety, depression, grief, nightmares, flashbacks, and other disorders.

  • Faster results EMDR therapy is very different from talk therapy and the problems that the patients are suffering can be resolved in fewer sessions. The patients also don’t have to disclose all the details in EMDR which is very useful if they have trouble vocalizing.

  • Manage stress If everyday stress is not dealt with properly, it can take a toll on your mental and physical health and lead to complete mental exhaustion, bodily aches, and pains. There is no need to wait until the patient feels completely overwhelmed. Having EMDR therapy can help unburden all the stress.

  • Ongoing self-improvement EMDR therapy is important for everybody, not just people who are suffering from traumatic experiences. Transforming negative beliefs can greatly improve relationships, work performance, creativity, and more.

EMDR for Anxiety Disorders

The psychologists at Gary J. Meiers, Ph.D., Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers, Ph.D. and Associates are skilled in treating patients of all ages. They are experts in various therapies such as expressive art techniques, Gestalt therapies, and EMDR. We can help you take control of your anxiety problems.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how Gary and Jo Ann Meiers can help you with our EMDR therapy!

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