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Important Factors to Consider Before Starting Couples Therapy

Photo of a couple dressed in white assisting a therapy session.

The decision to start couples therapy is a difficult one. It requires that you accept your current situation and make a combined effort to move forward.

Simply attending couples therapy isn't enough, however. Several things impact the efficacy of your couple's therapy. We will look through some of those factors, giving you essential couples therapy tips that could make a difference for you and your partner.

We hope our brief couples therapy guide gives you food for thought that contributes to a positive change. Let's get started.


Assess Your Willingness to Change

Relationships often set off in less-than-ideal directions. You might have numerous habits, opinions, and perspectives that have developed over the years, contributing to the challenges you face with your partner. If it were easy to change those habits, we would all do so.

Change is difficult. It won't always be pleasant to work through the rifts that you and your partner are experiencing. If both you and your partner are willing to make sacrifices and changes before entering counselling, you're likely to find more success.

Start Sooner Than Later

Couples counselling doesn't always have to be disaster repair. We might never need to whip out the Jaws of Life if we start seeing someone sooner to sift through the wreckage.

People have a tendency to wait a little too long. They want to fight for their relationship on their own terms and imagine the act of going to counselling as a sort of admittance of failure. It's important to know that this is false.

Counselling can start even amid the happiest relationships. Whatever point you're at with your partner, therapy is available to strengthen your situation.

The same goes with individual mental health counselling. The stigmas and myths surrounding mental health treatment and therapy are dissolving, and it's important to know that therapy is healthy in 2022.

So, if you notice a rift emerging between you and your partner, reach out and get help. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to resolve things later.

Gauge Social Supports

Our friends and families profoundly impact our marriages and romantic relationships. That impact varies depending on who you are and the values you hold.

That said, any influence on your relationship should be taken into account when you're trying to work through challenges. This is particularly true in the case of people who don't support your relationship.

For example, if a friend or parent only serves to dissuade you from staying in a relationship that you'd like to improve, you have to set a boundary. You can ask your partner about the influences in their life and work together to create an environment that's healthy for growth.

Want to Learn More About Couples Therapy?

We hope our short guide to couples therapy explained some of the questions you were wondering about. Of course, there's more to learn about couples therapy before you begin. We're here to help you find marriage counselling in Edmonton, AB.

Contact us for insights on where to begin with counselling, schedule appointments, or learn more about therapy benefits.

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